Our Impact

At Radian, our culture is built around a set of core organizational Values that we live by. The following Values define who we are as an enterprise.

Deliver the Brand Promise

  • We are a customer centric enterprise striving to be the market leading brand as defined by our customers.
  • We are driven to exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering an unparalleled customer experience and quality at a fair value.
  • We listen to our customers to enhance our delivery of the brand promise.

Innovate for the Future

  • We constantly innovate what we do and how we do it.
  • We shape the future by continuously striving to go beyond what has already been mastered in terms of products, services, and business processes.
  • We embrace innovative technologies to strategically differentiate the delivery of our products and services.

Create Shareholder Value

  • We build long-term shareholder value through sustainable growth and profitability. 
  • We optimize the balance between risk and reward to enhance returns to shareholders. 
  • We make decisions and invest the company’s resources from a shareholder’s perspective.

Our People are the Difference

  • We recognize that our people make the difference in our franchise. 
  • We will invest in our people to provide opportunities for career growth. 
  • We will treat all employees fairly, and always with dignity and respect for the individual.

Do What’s Right

  • We will always do the right thing, without compromise.
  • We value integrity and lead by example.
  • By doing what’s right, we protect our company’s reputation.

Partner to Win

  • We recognize our strength comes from the team. 
  • We practice and encourage teamwork by effectively engaging with others and celebrating team wins. 
  • We recognize that we cannot reach our goals alone, so we will develop intelligent strategic alliances with best in class partners.